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Programmable Charging/Recovery Meter
Warranty: Five year warranty
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  • Three display modes Lbs./oz.; Decimal Lbs.; Kilograms
  • Allows automatic Charging or Recovery operations
  • Color-coded keypad controls
  • Three display modes Lbs./oz.; Decimal Lbs.; Kilograms
  • Very High Resolution 0.2 oz./0.010 Lbs./4 grams
  • Can be used with all refrigerants
  • Advanced Charge and Recovery Modes uses tare weight & Max. capacity of cylinder to calculate maximum Charge/Recovery available
  • User Programmable memory for up to 99 different stored values
  • 'Repeat" charge feature
  • Removable platform and control box with prop stand/hanging hook
  • Compact Design completely portable, battery powered
  • Low battery indicators

Battery Life:30 hours
Range:0 lbs. 0.0 oz. to 220 lbs. 0.0 oz., OR 0.000 lbs. to 220.00 lbs., OR 0.000 kg to 99.99 kg
Resolution:0.2 oz./0.010 lbs./4 grams
Accuracy:+/- 0.5% of reading
Power Supply:Four AA batteries and one 9V battery
Max. Solenoid operating pressure:500 psi
Operating Temp.:32 to 120 F (0 to 49)
Inlet/Outlet Ports:1/4" MFL fittings with 1/2" ACME adapters

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Part Number Description
TIF9021 1/4" FFL to 1/2" ACME Adapter