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Digital HVAC Analyzer
Warranty: One year warranty
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  • Measures Temperature (F) and Humidity (%RH)
  • Measures Dew Point (F)
  • Measures Velocity (FPS) and Volume (CFM)
  • Measures Power in BTU/HR
  • Direct Readings no additional calculations needed
  • Allows measurement of rectangular and ROUND GRILLS
  • Lightweight and Completely portable
  • Three simple keypad controls operate ALL FUNCTIONS
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Audible and Visual Prompts
  • Large 3/4" LCD Readout
  • Memory holds cumulative volume (CFM) and power (BTU/HR) measurements
  • Six foot connector cord to probe
  • 9V Battery Operated
  • Protective Carrying Case Included

The TIF VA500A offers a range of features never before included in a single instrument. More than just an Anemometer, the VA500A measures all HVAC inlet and outlet variables, allowing an intelligent analysis of system performance. This one tool can replace up to four others, and eliminates the need for cumbersome flow hoods, psychrometers, etc. So easy to use, you will be performing complex measurements within minutes of unpacking the tool.

Ambient Temperature, Inlet and Outlet Temperatures, Cooling Efficiency, Ambient Humidity, Inlet and Outlet Humidity, (De-) Humidification Efficiency, Inlet and Outlet Velocity, System Balancing, Calibrating/Setting Vents, Airflow Measurements, Power Measurements (BTU), System Efficiency (BTU IN vs BTU OUT), System Adjustments, Performance Checks, Fan Adjustments, Blower Performance, Heating and Air Conditioning, Air Circulation and Exchange, Refrigeration, Industrial.


Battery Life:Approx. 8 hours continuous
Safety:CE approved
Temperature Ranges:23F to 149F (-5 to 65C)
Humidity Ranges:10-95% RH
Velocity Range:2.6 to 49.2 FPS (0.8 to 15 m/sec)
Temperature Accuracy: 2F
Humidity Accuracy: 3%
Dew Point Accuracy: 3%
Velocity Accuracy: 3% of rdg
Temperature Response Time:< 5 secs
Humidity Response Time:<10 secs
Velocity Response Time:< 3 secs
Display:4 digit 3/4" LCD
Coil Cord Length:72 inches (1.8m)
Operating Temperature:32F to 122F (0 to 50C)
Power Supply:One 9V Alkaline battery

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