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Dial-A-Charge Charging Cylinder, 2.5lb/1100 g - 110V
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  • Allows systems to be charged quickly, with the precise amount of refrigerant required by the manufacturer
  • Simply 'dialing" the shroud to correspond with the pressure gauge, allows you to compensate for any ambient temperature changes
  • Sightglass allows you see the level of refrigerant in the cylinder
  • Accurate charging eliminates call-backs caused by under or over-charging
  • Cylinders may be economically filled from a bulk tank
  • Includes Heater, to increase cylinder pressure and speed refrigerant transfer
  • For safety, all cylinders are equipped with pressure relief valves, which automatically reset once a safe working pressure is restored
  • Includes a durable Polyethylene Case for protection during storage and transit
  • All Models are equipped with 1/4" SAE fittings
  • Available in 110V or 220V versions
  • 220V models are CE approved
  • Made in USA

R-12, R-22,R-502:N/A
220V CE Approved:N/A
Graduations:1 oz. / 25 g
Capacity:2.5lb / 1100 g

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