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Combustible Gas Detector
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  • Solid state sensor technology, long life and precision
  • Broad band of combustible gas detection
  • Sensitivity as low as 5 ppm
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Audible "Geiger counter" signal
  • LED Leak Intensity Lights
  • Automatic warm up
  • Cordless operation
  • Flexible 16" stainless probe for hard to reach places
  • Rechargeable battery and charger included
  • Rugged custom carrying case
  • Made in the USA

TIF8900 is the perfect tool to be used in a situation where a combustible gas, vapor or residue needs to be found.
  • Gas lines and Pipes
  • Exhaust and Fuel leaks
  • Propane filling stations
  • Fuel in marine bilges
  • Heat Exchanger leaks
  • Check manholes for safety
  • Detect arson residue
  • IAQ tests
  • Liquid or gas fired heating systems

Battery Life:4 Hours/Charge
Voltage (Charger):115V, 60Hz
Probe Length:15 (38cm)
Power Supply:(Two) 2.4V Ni-Cad Batteries
Operating Time:Instantaneous
Warm-up Time:30 seconds

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