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Combustible Gas Detector
Product Weight: 2.85 lbs.
Dimensions: 11.562x7.625x3.125 inch
product image

  • Instantaneous response
  • Detects dangerous explosive gases
  • Automatic warm up
  • Applications include: Gas lines and pipes, aids in identifying Heat Exchanger leaks and hazardous living/working environments
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Note: not an effective Carbon Monoxide detector see TIF 8500A
  • Audible 'Geiger counter" type signal
  • Used in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues need to be found

These detectors are MSHA approved and UL Classified. The unique flexible 15" stainless probe allows you to access hard to reach places. All feature automatic warm-up and are ideal for a tremendous range of uses and are invaluable for safety in many applications.

Partial List of Detectable Compounds
Compound Min. detectable
Compound Min. detectable
Acetylene 50 ppm Methyl Chloride 5 ppm
Iso-Butane (R600a) 500 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide 5 ppm
Methane 500 ppm Acetone 50 ppm
Ethane (R170) 500 ppm Methanol 50 ppm
Propane (R290) 500 ppm Ammonia (R717) 20 ppm
Ethylene 500 ppm Gasoline 1 ppm
Hydrogen 500 ppm Chlorine 1 ppm
Methyl Ether 500 ppm
Vinyl Chloride 5 ppm

Battery Life:4 Hours/Charge
Safety:UL, CE
Battery Charger:115V
LED Sensitivity Lights:6 Lights
Probe Length :15 (38cm)
Power Supply:(2) 2.4V Ni-Cad Batteries
Operating Temp:32F to 125F (0C to 52C)

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Document Files
English Operating Instructions
    Replacement Parts
Part Number Description
TIF548 Custom Carrying Case
TIF8801 Sensing Tip
TIF8806A Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries (2 pieces)
TIF8803A 115V Battery Charger