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TIF was originally formed in Miami, FL in the 1950's under the name Thermal Industries of Florida, Inc., and was an outcropping of Miami's then largest HVAC/R contractor. In 1960 the company name was formally changed to TIF Instruments, Inc. and the new independent business was founded upon the concept of bringing new and innovative service test instruments to the trade. Over the past 40+ years TIF grew through the support of professional technicians worldwide and has become the recognized leader in both electronic refrigerant leak detection and refrigerant measuring devices.

In 1955, the company's first product, the VA105 Volume-Aire air balancer was invented, and is still available today in only a slightly modified form. In 1964 the world's first portable electronic refrigerant leak detector, the Tif-Tector was invented and launched. While Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969, TIF launched the Tic-Tracer family of non-contact voltage detectors, revolutionizing safe electrical testing. Throughout the following three decades TIF invented and patented more than 30 technologies and products including Negative Corona leak detectors, digital clamp-on ammeters, the electronic sightlass, pulsed load battery testers, 4-Way aluminum block manifold gauge sets, slim-lineSM refrigerant charging meters and, in 2001 the Heated Pentode refrigerant sensor and TIF ZX-1 leak detector.

Today the TIF brand is recognized worldwide for these and other products. All TIF products are designed and produced to meet the highest quality and industry standards. The majority of the offering is CE approved for compliance with European Union standards and UL Listed or Certified where applicable. TIF brand products are provided in multi-lingual packaging, with 4 or 5 language instructions and are customized for international markets throughout the world.

Into the future the focus of the TIF brand will continue to be on innovative test equipment for Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration service. TIF prides itself on continuous New Product Introduction and aggressively bringing laboratory technology and precision to the field service technician; because, in our minds, Today Is the Future.


Promax was founded in 1990 just as the Clean Air Act and refrigerant containment were becoming industry news and affecting the way Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems would be serviced for evermore. The goal of the company was to provide an efficient and reliable product for technicians to recover refrigerant in the field under the harshest and most extreme conditions. Promax's claim to fame and success since inception is almost entirely due to its revolutionary and proprietary "Oil-Less" refrigerant compressor. Oil-less recovery offers a number of performance advantages over competitive systems, and the Promax compressor is known world-wide as the pinnacle of the principle in action.

Today Promax is the clear market leader in this field and enjoys a position as the world's largest manufacturer of refrigerant recovery devices for the service trade technician. This success is due to a constant focus of manufacturing only the best product without sacrifice to cost, and the support of professionals everywhere using and proving the product for more than a decade. Today over one quarter of a million Promax recovery units can be found in the trucks of independent and OEM service techs, in the hands of military and government facilities and in United Nations sponsored programs from Alaska to Australia, from Kansas to Kazakhstan, and from Zion to Zaire.

In 2002 Promax launched the aggressively designed MiniMax, aimed at those needing a smaller and lighter machine and the re-designed RG5410A successor to the RG5410HP. Both units continue to use the proven Promax motor/compressor, but are packaged in sleeker, more efficient and more ergonomic cases.

Looking ahead, expect some more versions of the Promax machines, offering additional features and benefits and combining technology from its sister brands - TIF and Robinair. Whether today or tomorrow, Promax customers can always count on product made for their benefit that will support them and their job in the real world.


Robinair's position as a global leader in service tools and equipment is the result of evolution and recognizing market opportunities. Robinair was founded in 1956 by the Kent-Moore Corporation of Warren, Michigan, to design and manufacture specialized tools for repairing appliances. The name of the new company was a combination of the names of two Kent-Moore executives, Robinette and Adair. With the increasing popularity of air conditioning, both for homes and automobiles, Robinair soon moved into this growing market. In just a few years, the product line was the most complete in the industry.

Work for a major appliance manufacturer determined Robinair's location in northwest Ohio-the original factory was built in Edgerton, midway between the OE's offices and Kent-Moore. In 1958 a fire destroyed the plant, but within a few short months, work resumed at a new factory in nearby Montpelier. That building serves as the core of Robinair's headquarters today, although the building has been expanded many times. Robinair continues to serve the HVAC-R and automotive aftermarkets around the world. In 1982, Kent-Moore (and thus Robinair) was acquired by Sealed Power Corporation, now SPX Corporation. Possibly Robinair's biggest claim to fame is its refrigeration service vacuum pump product line. Robinair is recognized throughout the world has the quality and performance leader in AC/R evacuation tools and this position has led to its success with the full range of products. More than 10 years ago, the company offered the first refrigerant recovery and recycling units (automotive market) in response to envi ironmental concerns. Since that time, Robinair-built units have become the industry's best sellers.

Today Robinair is owned by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions LLC and continues to offer one of the widest product ranges in the industry and serves both the Automotive and HVAC/R industries. ATP is now responsible for the NPI, sales, marketing and account management of Robinair's HVAC/R business and will continue to provide the service and products its loyal customers expect.


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